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Our Mission

Folly’s Best Rentals will exceed the expectations of our owners, guest and associates - all of whom we consider partners. By merging technology with southern hospitality, we will deliver as we promise and take the extra, unexpected steps to improve the experiences with our partners and all who associate with us.

What makes Folly’s Best Rentals Different:

Folly’s Best Rentals will manage only the best properties. We seek to partner with owners who believe guests deserve value and they deserve their property to be respected. The location of the property on the island is not as important as the quality of the product our owners provide. As a Folly Beach property management company, we require owners to commit to provide good bedding, wonderful linens and fixtures and furnishings in very good condition. We provide renters who appreciate quality and may desire the value of a property three blocks off the beach just as some may demand only the best beachfront property. No matter the location, we will deliver a quality experience. By paying close attention to detail, we will provide renters an experience which encourages them to return and recommend us to their family and friends. For owners, our attention to detail will provide increase rental revenue and a better quality renter. By taking advantage of technology, we will increase our profile for our guest, properties and business partners.

Greg S. Hart, Property Manager In Charge, President

Our Owners Say…

“For 2 years we used an older established firm to manage our property. The results were abysmal and the customer service was disappointing to say the least. We found out about Folly’s Best Rentals and have never looked back. Our first year was better than the 2 previous combined. If we have a problem Greg calls us and handles it, unlike our prior experience. We are in our third year and feel we are getting the best results possible.”

Bob – Follytude

“Greg Hart and his team at Folly’s Best Rentals are terrific. I purchased my first vacation rental property in 2011. I was quickly overwhelmed with everything with the fast pace of weekly renting. There was scheduling the customers, customer concerns, hospitality taxes, cleaning, local ordinances and licensing. I needed a management company and fast. Greg Hart and his team came to the rescue. They take care of everything. Leave vacation renting to the PROS. I recommend Greg Hart and his team at Folly’s Best Rentals.”

Greg – 1DFull

“We have been using Folly’s Best Rentals to manage our Folly Beach property for the last two years and have been very pleased. They have taken all of the stress out of managing your own property and for a fair fee. If you are thinking about having someone deal with all of the headaches of a rental on Folly Beach, I would highly recommend Folly’s Best Rentals.”

Frank - Vitamin Sea

“Greg has managed our property for the last two years and we could not be happier. His attention to detail and hands on style is the difference. He leaves nothing to chance, from the scheduling, and cleaning, to the follow up and constant improvement of the property to get the most out of it for you the owner and for the clients. I highly recommend Folly’s Best Rentals for the property owners and for the clients.”

Grant – Ohana Hale

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